Mexican team

The Queensberry Bay Team

These are the people who will make such a difference to your stay with us at Queensberry Bay Holiday Park.

We are proud of them all and are delighted to call them “Our Team”.

Our beautician



Sandy joined us in the depths of winter 2015 and spent many a day with the rest of us painting, decorating and scrubbing her new salon before we opened at Easter.

And when everyone else was climbing the walls with deadlines and snags, Sandy was calmly getting her workplace in order and charging her hot stones.

And when Joanne was questioning every item on her first shopping list – “Why do we need an electric blanket – what’s wrong with an old sheet??” – Sandy calmly explained the need for each one.

And always at the forefront was Sandy’s care for her profession and her clients.

With more than 14 years’ beauty and salon experience Sandy not only brings a quiet, confident professionalism to our Spa – but is also a thoroughly nice person.

But if you fancy a treatment you’d be best to get booked in – Sandy’s also extremely popular!


Our Pauline

Our Pauline

Knitting over a nice cup of tea team

Our Pauline’s been with us for 294 years give or take the odd weekend.

Every year she retires – and every year we manage to convince her that we can’t cope without her.

Now in her 70s and having battled cancer, Pauline’s beginning to get stroppier about this – but Joanne says we’ll do all it takes to keep her here – even if that means propping her up against the counter for the season, feeding her a diet of her favourite ready salted crisps.

Why do we love her so much?

Because, when things get stressful – as they do from time to time, believe it or not – Pauline has that wonderful innate Lancashire ability to make you laugh – usually because she’s taken the cordless mouse home in her handbag (“Don’t we have one each?”) or is trying to scan a barcode with the stapler (“It’s stopped working again Nicola”).

2015 update:

Pauline passed away suddenly in January 2015.

We always said if ever she left we’d have to sell up – but now she’s gone we know we have to keep going because Queensberry Bay was her life.


john and joanne

John and Joanne

Park owners

When John and Joanne arrived at Queensberry Bay back in 2001 it’s fair to say they had absolutely no idea what was in store.

Which was probably a good thing – there’s a lot to be said at times for putting a paper bag on your head, digging a deep hole and jumping in with your eyes closed.

And it was, it has to be said, a baptism of fire …

Joanne, a chartered accountant, like most accountants thought she knew everything there is to know about business.

And John, a farmer and businessman thought he’d seen it all.

How wrong they were!

But they stuck at it and John now deals with the day to day maintenance of the park as well as any major development work and siting new vans. If you’re looking for John, look first for the dogs – his “entourage” – John won’t be far away!

Joanne also runs an accountancy practice from the farmhouse so, if you don’t see her, she’s most likely adding up a column of figures somewhere.

With her head in a paper bag.

Both of them take the running of Queensberry Bay very seriously – and want to hear from you if anything is not just so.



Grounds supervisor

Now, our Andrew’s a bit of an enigma.

If he’d been born a couple of generations earlier we’re fairly sure Andrew would have led his troops on camel back across the windswept Arabian sand dunes in a ghutra.

As it is he works at Queensberry Bay – but if you do happen to spot him riding our llamas across the windswept Powfoot sand bars in a Queensberry Bay tee shirt you’d best let us know (especially if he’s not got his hard hat on). Blood will out, after all.

Our Andrew’s been everywhere – you name the country, he’s been there.   He was even a stunt man, riding motorbikes through flaming hoops!

But he doesn’t brag – truly enigmatic people don’t – you just notice in conversation how very well travelled he is.

And if ever you’re looking for a winner for the local general knowledge pub quiz – Andrew’s your man – and he runs his own microbrewery in his spare time so he’ll be cheap to take along too!

Andrew applied to us in 2009 for an admin role – but it must have been a mistake because he’s way out of our league.

Fortunately we spotted his talents and he’s become John’s right hand man, working most of the time with John and Dan on grounds and as part of the Pets Corner Team – so don’t shake hands, particularly at lambing time – but Nicola also makes him work in the shop from time to time – just because she can!



Accounts team

Pamela’s is a face you won’t see too often – or at least not behind the counter – but you’ll definitely recognize her voice!

Truth be told, Pamela works in 2 places – Queensberry Bay and Joanne’s accountancy practice – the “posh bit” – at the farmhouse and spends her days on accounts and bookkeeping and generally keeping on top of the pile of papers that Joanne leaves on her desk when she’s not looking.

Pamela previously worked for a proper firm in Carlisle where they had strategy meetings and team building exercises – and now works at a place where our long term planning strategy is whose turn it is to make the tea and our team building exercises are based around catching the emus when they escape.

Like the rest of us, Pamela’s day is split into a million unrelated parts and, in addition to her accounts and VAT work she answers the park phones when Nicola’s busy with treatments. Despite working in the farmhouse Pamela is very much a part of the Queensberry Bay team – and you’ll often see her out and about with paperwork and files. Not sure what’s in them but they look good!