The Queensberry Bay Team

These are the people who will make such a difference to your stay with us at Queensberry Bay Holiday Park.

We are proud of them all and are delighted to call them “Our Team”.



Head housekeeper

We’ve got through a lot of housekeepers at Queensberry Bay.

There are various reasons for this:

  • Some candidates apply for the job thinking it will be a nice cushy number
  • Our standards at Queensberry Bay are higher than many hotels
  • They have to work with Joanne . . .

Just as we had despaired for ever finding someone who “got it” Heather appeared and changed our park and our lives forever.

A former senior midwife, Heather approaches her work – and the team – with the efficiency of sergeant major. And once the dust has settled, leaves in her wake the most beautifully cleaned and prepared showers, caravans and lodges, ready for our guests to enjoy.

Heather is also a baker. ’nuff said!




Admin and bookings

Working in the office with Pamela and Joanne is not easy.

Pamela talks to herself and Joanne doesn’t talk to anyone.


Unless there’s an X in the month.

But Nikki came into our lives in 2016 and simply fitted in.

She’s bright and bubbly, efficient, great with customers and doesn’t even complain when the cats raid her drawer for dreamies.

Nikki’s also in charge of customer care (AKA complaints) – just don’t be fooled by the smile.

There’s one tough cookie in there!




Grounds team

You remember those posters in westerns – the Most Wanted ones?

Does this remind you of anything . . .

Geoff joined us in 2017 and works with Rob and John and is in charge (with Dianne) of the spa for its weekly deep clean.

He is also wonderful with the animals – his ruffian appearance hides a gentle and caring person who fits in with the quirkiness that is Queensberry Bay.

Geoff is also a lot younger than he looks – but he must have had a hard paper round, that’s all we can say.

You’ll find Geoff standing still while Rob hurtles around him at the speed of light.

They make a great team!






Dianne joined Heather’s housekeeping team in 2016 and the pair instantly created a great dynamic.

Like an old married couple, Heather and Dianne steam through their work with bickering, humour, determination and a huge helping of elbow grease.

And they make our park a far better place as a result.

Dianne, with Geoff, is in charge of the spa deep clean on a Tuesday and you’ll hear her muttering under her breath in the emptied hot tub before you see her there!

Other than that you’ll find her with Heather on turn days – a flurry of giggling feather dusters.

Dianne is one of those people that could easily be taken for granted – she quietly gets on with things, no fuss or attitude.

And she means the world to us at Queensberry Bay.



Head of grounds

Working on grounds is less stressful than many jobs at Queensberry Bay.

There are various reasons for this:

  • Grounds don’t work in the shop
  • Grounds don’t answer phones or take bookings
  • Grounds report to John, not Joanne . . .

Rob joined us in 2015 and rapidly became a key member of our team.

He cares passionately about Queensberry Bay and everything we do and is a pleasure to work with – even Joanne says that so it must be right!

You’ll not see Rob.


He moves at the speed of  light.

You’ll just feel the  slipstream.

Becky at Queensberry Bay


Reception and admin (and angel)

If you don’t know her, you might still recognise our Becky as the face of Powfoot Spa – our own “pin-up person” (as they say these days).

And although it’s an old picture that she hates we still use it because it’s such a happy image.

And real models are expensive!

Becky is one of those magical people that come into your life when you really need them.
If we didn’t know better we’d think she was an angel.
Hugely popular with our owners and visitors, as well as the team, Becky has been with us off and on for 4 years.
She’s grown up with us – and even though she’s now a mother herself and has responsibilities of her own she’s still the same old Becky.
She still lights up the room when she walks in – albeit with a whiff of nappy cream.

We know that Becky will move on again at some stage.

But we’re fortunate enough to know that she’ll come back again too!

Marion at Queensberry Bay

Marion (aka Lulu)

Reception and shop

Where do we start?

Never in all our time here have we had anyone as effortlessly chic as Marion on the team.

But it’s not just the chic(ness??)- it’s the poise, the sophistication, the quiet confidence, the sense of humour.
Marion has it all in spades.

And you see that scarf?
Marion bought that TO GO WITH her uniform.
And she pimped her uniform by sewing in side vents because “it sits better that way”.

Hugely popular with everyone she comes into contact with, Marion’s day job is as a doctor’s receptionist. And she says working here gives her some relief!
This woman is a marvel!

Julia at Queensberry Bay


Reception, shop and admin

Julia is far too qualified to work with us.

She has a degree and goodness knows how many qualifications in tourism.
She knows more about this industry than we do ourselves.

And yet she is the most self-effacing and generous person you could hope to meet.
We know we will eventually lose her. She wants to be a teacher for some unknown reason.
But until then we are delighted to have her on the team.


John and Joanne

Park owners

When John and Joanne arrived at Queensberry Bay back in 2001 it’s fair to say they had absolutely no idea what was in store.

Which was probably a good thing – there’s a lot to be said at times for putting a paper bag on your head, digging a deep hole and jumping in with your eyes closed.

And it was, it has to be said, a baptism of fire …

Joanne, a chartered accountant, like most accountants thought she knew everything there is to know about business.

And John, a farmer and businessman thought he’d seen it all.

How wrong they were!

But they stuck at it and John now deals with the day to day maintenance of the park as well as any major development work and siting new vans. If you’re looking for John, look first for the dogs – his “entourage” – John won’t be far away!

Joanne also runs an accountancy practice from the farmhouse so, if you don’t see her, she’s most likely adding up a column of figures somewhere.

With her head in a paper bag.

Both of them take the running of Queensberry Bay very seriously – and want to hear from you if anything is not just so.



Accounts team

Pamela’s is a face you won’t see too often – or at least not behind the counter – but you’ll definitely recognize her voice!

Truth be told, Pamela works in 2 places – Queensberry Bay and Joanne’s accountancy practice – the “posh bit” – at the farmhouse and spends her days on accounts and bookkeeping and generally keeping on top of the pile of papers that Joanne leaves on her desk when she’s not looking.

Pamela previously worked for a proper firm in Carlisle where they had strategy meetings and team building exercises – and now works at a place where our long term planning strategy is whose turn it is to make the tea and our team building exercises are based around catching the emus when they escape.

Like the rest of us, Pamela’s day is split into a million unrelated parts and, in addition to her accounts and VAT work she also answers the phones. And takes bookings. Despite working in the farmhouse Pamela is very much a part of the Queensberry Bay team – and you’ll often see her out and about with paperwork and files.

Not sure what’s in them but they look good!