Queensberry Bay

Holiday Park Facilities

If we’ve learned one thing over the years at Queensberry Bay holiday park it’s that – as a business – you can’t stand still!

You have to keep looking ahead for the next improvement, the next adventure.

Otherwise you’re taking your regulars and visitors for granted – and that’s unforgivable.

That’s why, every year, we make sure we’ve done something, introduced something new, improved something – so that our visitors and regular guests will feel appreciated. And they are!

So here’s the latest updates to our holiday park facilities.

As you’ll see, we have everything that you’d expect of a top end 4 star park – and then some!


Queensberry Bay Holiday Park shop

We have our small, licenced and well-stocked shop that doubles as our reception – and we also make bacon rolls and coffee (to die for) and sell a range local produce and gifts.

In season we can provide shopping to order including fresh fruit and veg – see our packages selection.

We also try very hard to keep our shop prices are as low as they can possibly be.

We can’t compete with the likes of Tesco – who can?

But in our own small way we feel we’re doing what we can for our guests in a tough climate.

Anyone can sell Mars Bars at 95p and above – but we wouldn’t go back to a shop that charged that much – and we’re fairly sure you wouldn’t either!


Our spa

Our adult only spa – Powfoot Spa – really is unique.

Why did we put a spa on a holiday park?

Because we believe that relaxation, well-being and pampering should be available to all – not just the privileged few who can afford the likes of a 5 star hotel in the Maldives!

So our spa consists of a wooden chalet containing a hot tub, a sauna and swim spa (and shower, changing room, etc) and is available only on private hire.

And if you book the spa you get 2 hours in the building, using the faciltiies as you think fit.

There are special rates for caravan owners and holiday park guests – so please ask for details!


Our washing up area

Our washing up area – or campers’ kitchen as we call it – may be basic, but it’s warm and dry and has the best view you’re likely to find – and it’s not just us saying that.

Why did we put it in such a prime spot?

Because touring is important to us.

Inside we have chairs and tables, a sofa, a microwave and kettle, and assortment of pans and hot and cold water


Our showers

We’ve spent a fortune on our showers over the years!

And they’re bright, spotlessly clean, warm and inviting.

The lights are on sensors and we even play (licensed!) background music for those of us who don’t like it too quiet!

We do charge for our showers and £1 will give you a 5-minute shower including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion.

Showers form part of a keyfob entry system – so there’ll be no strangers coming and going.


Our Wifi

We have a wifi system installed across the park and all Touring, Glamping and Self-catering guests are given a free single-device token for 200mb of wifi.

200MB is approximately:

  • 1000 text emails / 50 emails with photos attached
  • 150 emails with other attachments / 60 social media posts with photos
  • 50 web pages viewed

200MB is not suitable for downloading, live online gaming or streaming.

More 200mb vouchers can be bought from the shop at £5 each.

We’ve spent a lot of money on running and upgrading our wifi system and it generally works well – but remember that we do not have (and will not be getting anytime soon) super fast broadband and are on the coast in Scotland.

In high winds the broadband in this area can be sketchy, even the hard wired variety.

This will come as a shock if you live in a town or city – but it’s something we live with here.

If you need to access the internet and cannot – for whatever reason – get a wifi signal we will always offer you use of one of our hard-wired computers in the shop (when it’s open!)


Rupert’s Rescue Retreat

At Queensberry Bay we rescue animals.

Not to make money – but because they need someone to care for them.

We used to play this side of our business down and call the animal area our “Pets Corner” – but it’s not.

It is in fact a non-registered charitable activity that we run to give these creatures a home.

Once they’ve settled in and we’ve regained their trust you’ll see them mixing with the other animals and, in time, they become firm favourites with our regulars.

So at Queensberry Bay you’ll see abandoned llamas and emus and arthritic ponies and a horse that’s had a stroke and all manner of other poorly – but much loved – creatures.

And the feed we sell in the shop goes (some small way!) towards their keep.