Sauna at Powfoot Spa

Powfoot Spa – private hire

 Private hire at Powfoot Spa Annan

– how does it work?

Book a standard 2-hour Relaxer Session and for the duration of your slot you have sole use of the sauna, pool spa and hot tub

And (as usual) behind the scenes we’ll be beavering away to make sure everything is just so, including the:

  • Soft, relaxing background spa music
  • Complementary herbal teas and mineral water
  • Stunning views through the panoramic windows to the beautiful scenery of the Solway Firth

You can book your private hire of Powfoot Spa over the phone (01461 700208) or online.

Please note:

  • Powfoot Spa is strictly adult only and we can’t take under 18s
  • The smallest group is 2 and the largest is 4
  • You’ll need to bring your own swimsuits – and, if haven’t booked the towels option, you’ll need to bring towels too!
  • All sessions have to be paid for at booking
  • We can’t “pencil” in a session – our booking system doesn’t work that way! and
  • You can’t use the spa facility if you:
    • are on certain medication (you must check with us)
    • are pregnant
    • have certain skin complaints (you must check with us)
    • have had a fake or spray tan within 7 days
    • use self tanning body lotion or moisturiser
    • are wearing foundation or other make up

    In addition you can upgrade your session to include specific food and drink that we provide (and whose ingredients and quantities we monitor) but we can’t allow any other any other food or drink whatsoever into the Spa building.
    If you ignore this rule:

    • we’ll know from our testing procedures
    • you’ll be fined at least £100 for an unplanned drain down
    • you’ll be charged the cost of refunding any bookings we have to cancel
    • you’ll not be allowed back in our spa – and to be honest, if you care that little about the welfare and allergies of other spa users then Powfoot Spa’s not for you!