Touring FAQs

Do you take tourers?


Relaxing on Shoreside

We know that many parks have stopped taking tourers over the years – but at Queensberry Bay we remember our roots.

Do you take tents?

No – and the bad weather of 2015 forced our hand on this.

Being so close to the shore we were battered from all sides in high winds – and it turns out that tent owners are not normally insured for the damage their flying tent causes to the touring unit on the next pitch. Not a good outcome for anyone.

When are you open?

Open season
Open season

We’re open for touring from 9 January to 30 November.

In January, February and November we have only the Shoreside pitches open – to let the grass recover on the other pitches.

We’re shut for the whole of December every year – although the offices are still open for bookings and enquiries Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

What are your showers like?

showering boy

It depends on your point of view.

If you’re looking for the old concrete block / plastic shower curtain type of shower or the bucket at the end of the row then we’re not the park for you.

If on the other hand you’re looking for showers with a bit of a wow factor then you’ll like what we have.


Do you charge for showers?

shower head

Yes we do.

A 5 minute shower costs £1.

Why do you charge for showers?

We charge for 3 reasons:

  • We were struggling to control water consumption. We’re all trying to do our bit to conserve the earth’s resources, and guests leaving showers running all day doesn’t help. The £1 opens and closes the valve that restricts water flow
  • We pay a small fortune each year in water rates and heat and light charges. This charge goes some (small!) way towards that
  • Having a set time for shower means that we very, very rarely get queues – which takes away another stress.

If you don’t want to pay you of course, you don’t have to.

You can use the sinks to wash in.

Or your own shower unit.

Or the Solway. . .

Why don’t you increase your pitch charge to cover showers?

Because that wouldn’t be fair on the guests who don’t want a shower.

And we prefer to keep our charges clear.

So – if you have an awning you pay for it.

If you have a shower, you pay for it.

Including these items in the main pitch charge simply isn’t fair on others.

Do you have a length restriction?

Yes we do.

Touring units have got bigger and bigger over the years so we do review the limit each year, and our current limits by area are:


(inc A-frame / towbar)
Shoreside21 feet / 6.4m25 feet / 7.62m
Croft and Paddock25 feet / 7.62m29.5 feet / 9m


Why do you have a length restriction?
As we said, over the years touring units have got bigger.

And bigger …

Even the UK towing laws have had to change – and we’ve made our pitches wider, but can’t  always make them longer.

A good example is Shoreside – any longer and you’ll be in the sea!

So, we have a length restriction.

Why do you restrict associated parties?

You know that feeling when you go to a wedding and you only know the bride and everyone’s been to school together except you and you feel a complete lemon, trying to make polite conversation with people who are so socially secure that they don’t want to know you . . . ?

Well, that’s how it is for regulars to our park when a larger group arrives.

They take over.

And our regulars feel uncomfortable.

So we restrict larger bookings.

Why do you only allow 4 guests per unit?

To preserve the peace and quiet.

Whenever we take bigger groups we do get noise and complaints.

So we set the limit at 4.

Unless you have a smaller tourer or motorhome – in which case it’s lower of the berth number of the unit or 4.

So if you have a two berth unit you can only have 2 in the party.

If you have a 6 berth unit  you can only have 4 in the party.

That limit applies to self-catering and glamping too.

Can I bring my works van?

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles aren’t allowed

Our licence is for a holiday park and not a residential park.

A van (even without sign writing) is classed as a works vehicle.

As a holiday park our guests must be holiday makers and not workers – so we can’t take works vehicles either.

Are you adult only?


But we do segregate adults and families in our touring areas.

This means that our guests know they’ll be in an area that suits them (adult only or family).

It also means that badly behaved families are asked to leave. By badly behaved we mean of course antisocial – upsetting their neighbours, wildlife, pets corner or the team.

Do you run a loyalty scheme?

Loyalty scheme at Queensberry Bay
Loyalty scheme at Queensberry Bay

Yes – we run a loyalty scheme for all our customers.

And it runs for the calendar year of issue and we give a loyalty card at check out at your first visit each year.

It entitles you to a discount off your next stay with us.

And then, across the year, the discounts increase with each booking.

Do you offer a special deal for pensioners?

No, we don’t.

The issue is – where would you draw the line?

Are pensioners worse off than the unemployed?

Or single mums?

So – no, we don’t give a special deal as we wouldn’t know where to draw the line – but we do give a great service and a great deal to everyone, regardless of age – especially for our loyalty customers.

Hiking at Queensberry Bay

Do you take pup tents?

Yes – if you’re a hiker.

If you actually mean can you have a pup tent as well as your caravan or motorhome, then the answer is no.

We are strictly 1 unit per pitch and we don’t take tents other than hikers.

Can I have an awning?

Yes, but like most parks we do charge for it.

And you need to remember a couple of things:

  • We’re on the coast in Scotland and it can be windy
  • Your awning and guy ropes have to be within your own pitch, not straddling your neighbour’s space
  • We’re on the coast in Scotland and it can be windy
  • You can’t use the awning as extra sleeping space – your van or motorhome is for that, and
  • We’re on the coast in Scotland and it can be windy.

We therefore take payment up front for awnings but will refund on check out if you haven’t used it.

If you use an awning that you haven’t paid for, that will be charged on check out.

Can I bring my dog?

Sleeping dog
Even dogs relax at Queensberry Bay!

Yes. Yes. And yes.

This is a fantastic place for dogs and some guests bring cats as well.

There’s smells forever more along the shore and loads of space for them to run across the sands.

And we don’t get hung up on walking areas and leads.

What we say is that so long as your dog is under control, not left alone in your unit and you clean up after it we won’t have a problem.

Which is best – Shoreside, the Croft or Paddock?

It depends on what you’re looking for …

Shoreside pitches are our premium pitches – where you get terrific views, a huge space and water and electric hook up included. Families are welcome on pitches 1 to 4. Shoreside touring pitches are open to the sea and can be windy.

The pitches in the Croft are for adults only so they’re not an option for families. They’re a bit more sheltered and tend to be quieter than Shoreside, set at the back of the park. They have electric hook up included and a central water tap.

The Paddock is where you’ll find Kiddies Corner and our family seasonal touring. Kiddies Corner is the family alternative to a Croft pitch – it’s safer with less traffic and close to our small football field. Electric hook up is included in the price and there’s a central water tap nearby.


Can I have a non-electric pitch on Shoreside?

Our non-electric pitches are in the Paddock.

How big are your touring pitches?


Our park’s set out over 17 acres and we have an extra 15 acres behind the Croft area which we use just now for our Rupert’s Rescue Retreat.

Unlike other parks we don’t cram our pitches together.

So our touring pitches are a minimum of 10 metres deep by 7 metres wide – or 32 feet by 22 feet in old money.

In addition, in recent years we’ve actually INCREASED our pitch sizes by reducing our pitch numbers.

Do you offer seasonal touring pitches?

Yes we do.

We offer full and part year seasonal touring places on specific pitches.

In fact in 2014 we’re upgrading our seasonal areas and will be offering a 3-month summer mini break too.

The full year seasonal tourers have the cheapest rate and are given a licence similar to that of an older static unit (ie annual).

We often have a waiting list for full year seasonal touring pitches though so the best thing is really to check as early in the year as you can.

Can I Book Online?

Yes – click here to check availability and book online.