Powfoot Spa FAQs

Is Powfoot Spa open to the public?

Yes we are – no matter if you’re staying with us, staying on another park, living in the area or just passing through – everybody is welcome to use our spa.

When are you open?

Powfoot Spa is open for touring from 9th January to 22nd December, and shut between Christmas and New Year every year.

What is Powfoot Spa?

powfoot spa

The spa is located in large a log cabin within the grounds of Queensberry Bay complete with a sauna, a pool spa and a hot tub outside on the veranda.

Are Powfoot Spa and pampering@powfoot the same thing?

Yes.  It was originally called “pampering@powfoot” but over the years has become known as the Powfoot Spa.

What does “private hire” mean?

What it says on the tin – you hire the unit for yourself or your party, we show you round and explain the controls, then once the door’s closed behind us, it’s yours for the session.

When you book, you’re booking for the whole place, meaning it’s all yours to relax in for the duration of your booking.

Is there a swimming pool?

Swim spa or spa pool

No – just a sauna, a pool spa and a hot tub.  But you can of course swim in the pool spa against the current – it’s a bit like a treadmill in water.

How many can use the spa?

Our normal hire is from 2 to 4 people.

Can I bring my children?

No – the spa is for adult use only.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No, sorry – we have to be very careful about what food is served in the spa building and how much alcohol has been consumed.  The only way to be sure – and thus comply with our insurance terms – is for us to provide it.

Do you provide hoists for access?

No – we’re classified and insured as an adult only relaxation facility not a hydrotherapy, treatment or other therapy pool and we don’t have hoists.

If anyone is at all concerned on this please see our access statement, which covers the spa or please call us for more information.

How much does it cost?

It depends on when you come and what you want.  We have 4 sessions a day and each session allows you to add on little extras like sparkling wine, a cheese platter etc.

The Basic Relaxer deal is where you bring your own towels and simply hire the unit.

What’s a Spa Day?

It’s a special spa package that is booked in conjunction with a stay at Queensberry Bay and consists of a set number of spa sessions and treatments.

Anyone staying on our park can book a Spa Day – subject availability and to our normal terms and conditions of course.

Sounds great, can I book online?

Yes – you can book online here.