Queensberry Bay

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When are you open?

The park is open from 31st December to 30th November for our owners.

We’re shut for the whole of December every year – and we don’t normally open for touring or self-catering until February. So it’s only the owners who can use the park in January.

Can I live in my van?


There are 2 types of park – a holiday park and a residential park and Queensberry Bay is solely a holiday park.

To comply with the terms of our licence we have to be sure that our owners are only using the park for holidays, not for work or for living here – and that they pay council tax somewhere.

Can I bring on my own static?

Sure, depending on pitch availability, charges and certain age limits.

We can’t offer the “free bring on” that the big parks are doing, however if you are looking at a “bring on” the best thing is to call and speak to us and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I have a deck?

Owners enjoying the sun

Yes, but decks must be built to a certain design and specification and built by Queensberry Bay.

Why do you have to build it?

Old static and home made deck

Your comfort, relaxation and enjoyment are our main priorities.  By using our own, approved suppliers we then know that the deck will be built properly, in the right style, the work will be done to our spec and plan.  It ensures that our parks appearance is kept to the same high standards that attracts our guests and owners to come and holiday here.

We’re also able to ensure that the deckers are fully and correctly insured, that the end product will be right and that the site will be cleared afterwards. Finally, (and crucially) we know that there won’t be any hammering, drilling or sawing at weekends or during the night.

Can I bring my pet?

We're really dog friendly!
We’re really dog friendly!

Yes, we’re one of Scotland’s most pet-friendly holiday destinations and pets love it here.

Can I rent out my van?

No.  Being completely honest about it we have trialled this in the past and, on our park, it simply was more hassle than it was worth.  There are parks that will allow you to rent out your unit – we’re just not one of them, sorry.

Can my family and friends use the van?

Yes they can, on an occasional basis, so long as they check in and out at reception like our regular guests and complete our paperwork.

What’s a licence agreement?


It’s a legal document and everything we do is in accordance with British Home and Holiday Parks Association (BH&HPA) and our licence agreements are comprehensive.   Essentially it’s the agreement that a new owner signs with the park.  Every park has a set of rules and the licence agreement is both parties agreeing to abide by them.

What are the annual running costs of a static?

It depends greatly on things like the winterisation pack you have, the level and type of use, what sort of heating you have, whether the unit is double glazed, your own opinion of “how hot is hot” and so on and so on.

We do try to answer this though – and in our schedule of annual charges we try to quantify the sort of ongoing costs you’ll face.  Ultimately, many of these costs can be avoided – you don’t need to pay us to wash your van for example if you can do it yourself by Easter each year.

How long can my van stay on the park?

You’ll find this in your licence agreement, but generally the manufacturers are looking at a 10 – 15 year life for a static caravan – longer for a purpose built lodge.

Our standard licence agreements at Queensberry Bay are 15 years to reflect that, but on our front pitches it’s 10 years because these are our “shop window”.

If you’re at all uncertain about licence terms, please have a look at our following buyers guides: