Are we dog friendly?

Here are the things we get asked most often about dogs and pets at Queensberry Bay Holiday Park:


Can I bring my dog to the holiday park?


Yes – please see below regarding numbers and our holiday park’s dog friendly units.


We love animals at Queensberry Bay. And by that I don’t mean we carry miniature dogs around in our handbags and dress them up in ballerina outfits or anything – I just mean we care about animals.

Partly, that comes from John. We call him the Doctor Doolittle of the caravan world. He has this magnetism that simply draws animals to him – he was a farmer after all!



John - the Dr Doolittle of the caravan world
John – Dr Doolittle of the caravan world


Does my dog have to be on a lead?


No, but it does have to be under control. If you’re a dog owner you’ll know the difference!

Many guests can’t believe the freedom that pets are allowed at our holiday park. But John and I always said that we wanted to be pet-friendly.

We didn’t actually plan though to become an informal sanctuary for waifs and strays – but that’s how it’s ended up!

As for dogs and cats – we welcome both on the park (subject of course to not allowing pets on the dangerous dogs list or known to have inter personal issues) and we welcome dogs into specific self-catering and glamping units.

We can’t take cats or other pets in our letting units because of the increased effect of allergies for other guests and damage caused (usually by scratching).


Does your holiday park have a dog walk?


Yes – it’s called the beach!


Bored, bored, bored
Ready for a walk!

No, seriously, we say that the land behind the park  is our dog walk area and we don’t get hung up on walking areas or leads.


Apart from the dangerous and anti-social dogs restriction we have some basic common sense rules:

  • Pets must be kept under control (which can be a lead, or voice command or, in the case of our Labrador, a complete disregard for everything we say but a generally really happy and welcoming character with a very waggy tail …)
  • Owners must clear up after their pets – and that includes on the beach (which is a protected nature reserve) and on the doggie walk (which is our private driveway)
  • Used doggie waste bags may not be left lying or tied to anything – they have to go in the bin or you’ll find them at your caravan door!
  • Dogs may not be left alone in a unit, awning or vehicle at any time
  • Dogs may not be left chained up outside your unit unless you’re also sitting outside

And the beach is a great place to explore. Our mongrel, Wombat, even takes new pets down to the shore to show them the ropes… strange but true!



We also give visitors a copy of Wombat’s Walks – which talks about our dog walk, expected behaviour and what to be careful of in this area.



Here's Wombat tagging along with a complete stranger!
Here’s Wombat tagging along with a stranger!


How many dogs can I bring to your holiday park?


It depends. As animal lovers we fully understand that you want your “pack” with you. But a large group of dogs can be intimidating to other park users – so for visitors we generally restrict it to 2 pets per pitch.

If you have more than 2 dogs then call us before you book and we’ll see what we can do. If you’re booking one of our units – glamping or letting – it will also depend on the unit.

So we can definitely only take one newfoundland in an S-Pod (and you have to clear up the slobber!!) but could potentially take two of them in a letting unit.


As I said – talk to us!


What have you asked for my dog’s name?


So we can stalk him on Facebook…


The answer’s simple – our letting and glamping guests get a little welcome bag for their dogs. It’s nothing big – and certainly nothing sinister!

But you’ve paid to bring your dog and it’s a little thank you from our Wombat and us to you.


My dogs don’t come in the house – can I bring a kennel?


No, sorry.

Lots of people keep their pets in cages at night either inside or outside in the garden – but that’s when they’re at home in familiar surroundings – you wouldn’t want to do that to your faithful friend in a strange place.

In addition, you have a responsibility to your neighbours on our park – and leaving your dog in a kennel in a strange place is something we wouldn’t tolerate.


I have a ferret – can he come on holiday?

Pet ferrets


Yes – if it’s in your own van, but not in any of our units – glamping or letting.

And if your pet is allowed out onto the park in any form they must be under control and there will be a pet charge to pay.


Why do the animals in the pet corner look poorly?


All of our animals are resuces that are either ill or have been abandoned or mistreated or all three – that’s why we don’t call it ‘Pets Corner.’ It’s a rescue retreat for all manner of animals.

We work closely with our vet, Paul Armstrong of the Firth Vets in Annan, the Mossburn Animal Sanctuary and the SSPCA and can assure you that in our care these animals are very well cared for indeed.

On some bad days they may look poorly, but on good days you’ll see how happy they are to be alive.