Queensberry Bay in times past

History of Queensberry Bay Holiday Park

Queensberry Bay Holiday Park (or caravan park, as it was then) was founded in the 1970s by Jimmy Graham, whose family had farmed the area for generations.

Jimmy had the vision to start up the park – albeit in a small way at first – and gradually, tents and small caravans started taking the place of livestock and crops. Our research has shown just how much grief Jimmy had from planners, local authorities and anyone else you care to mention! After all, he was very much ahead of his time!

It is a testimony to Jimmy Graham’s character that he persevered – and it’s thanks to him that Queensberry Bay holiday park is here now. Jimmy passed away in the mid ’90s – a bench in his memory is on the Criffel side of the shop.


Queensberry Bay Holiday Park – then and now



Of course, many of the improvements we’ve made are hidden to the eye – electricity, bulk gas, water upgrades, etc. Some are more obvious and we spend a good deal of time making sure that the park is “just so” for our visitors and our residents alike – from our showers to our spa facility.

Our holiday park now consists of a mixture of privately owned static holiday homes, lodges and tourers, as well as our own fleet of caravans.

But we’re committed to keeping the spirit of the original park – which means there’s no bar or amusement arcade – and we work hard at keeping the whole area as a haven of peace and quiet for guests, residents – and wildlife of course.

Why should we bother?

Because, on certain summer evenings, when the wind’s in a particular direction and there’s a magical calm about the place, when you can hear the terns overhead and the wild geese in the distance – we’re told that Jimmy Graham is still to be seen on his bench, watching the sun go down.

As long as he’s happy to sit there, we figure we must be doing something right!